Who We Are

So Soft Brands™ mission is simple:  To bring people products that will enhance and improve their lives. 


What We Do:

Every product So Soft Brands™ develops must answer the question… “Will this product help to enhance and improve the lives of others?”  To answer that question we have a rigorous review process whereby we test & analyze innovative product ideas against the backdrop of today’s busy lifestyles.   


How We Do It:

So Soft Brands™ unique process allows our team of health, beauty & lifestyle professionals to work intimately with our most important resource – you!


It is the real world busy mom’s & dad’s that communicate their needs & wants.  These needs & wants are all born from a desire to enhance & improve their lives and the lives of their cherished family members.  From those ideas and conversations we work to create truly great products that will enhance and improve the lives of others:


  • Healthy Home
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Lifestyle